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Spiritual Awakening Workshop

Are you starting to see the world in a different way? 

Awakening is a process of becoming consciously aware that you are a spirit having a human experience.

That there's so much more to you than just your physical body.

This raising of your conscious awareness is often called a spiritual awakening, but it also encompasses changes in your mind, body and emotions... (and you don't even have to be religious for it to happen). 

Maybe it was brought on by a crisis you had, or perhaps a psychic experience that turned your life upside down and made you begin to question ...

- your values - your reality - and even your sanity.


Your view of the world can feel like it's on shifting sands, as so many things fall away and your reality shifts.

Has your childhood conditioning and programming been running the show?

You start to see the ways in which you've bent yourself out of shape trying to be what everyone else wanted you to be. 

You've probably been an over-giver all your life, and perhaps even had a burnout (or more - I've had three!) 

You may find your relationships beginning to change - you are trying to be truer to yourself, but you're facing resistance. 

You suddenly see that the life you’ve been living is no longer aligning with who you are.

Awakening can be confusing...

You begin picking up pieces of the jigsaw, but you really have no clear idea of what the picture is on top of the box.

You've probably been down the internet rabbit hole but didn't know the questions to ask and emerged still with no idea who or what to believe, because you have no frame of reference.

You might have started to dabble with things like tarot or reiki or read metaphysical books. 

You might be following some spiritual thought leaders.

None of your friends are going through this, so you've nobody to bounce things off or give you guidance and support, and you may often feel very alone and isolated.

Maybe you've tried sharing your changing perspective with your friends and loved ones but became frustrated when they could not relate to what you are going through.

You might even have found your friends beginning to drop away as you'd nothing in common anymore.

It can feel like your whole life is falling apart... and you're looking for answers.

Hey! I understand....

Awakening doesn't come with a rule book or guide - everyone's awakening journey is unique to them.

I know that when I first began awakening fully in 1996, I went through all that.

I didn’t understand any of the spiritual jargon (e.g., 5D? clairsenses? chakras?? Pleiadeans???) 

Concepts (such as spirit guides, manifesting, laws of attraction, or ascension) were totally unknown to me. 

I wasn’t even sure what awakening was, what the stages were, or what to expect. 

I wasn’t sure of the pitfalls to avoid or where to find help. 

And I had to spend years piecing it all together to make sense of it.

I went through a process of stripping out everything that had been holding me back and keeping me small. 

Finally, coming to a place where I am living a life that is more fully aligned with my authentic self and one of pure joy, unconditional love and abundance.


I now support others on their awakening journey.

I've mapped the awakening process to help you...

  • 👉 avoid the same confusion and struggle most had

  • 👉 get up to speed much more quickly

  • 👉 understand the journey you are on

  • 👉 know what to expect at each stage 

  • 👉 have the confidence to navigate this process with ease

I share all this in my short course:


The Ascension Path:

A personal journey up your own spiritual mountain

A 6-module, self-paced video series, to help you navigate the journey

from 'The beginning' to 'Awakened presence.'

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey up your own spiritual mountain.

You'll emerge from this Course with:


A higher perspective of the personal hero journey you're making on your own ascension path


A deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities the awakening journey may bring you


An overview of the stages of the awakening journey so that you can navigate your own path successfully

Plus, the practical tools to help support you on your journey

Course Investment:  £75.00 GBP

What you'll get:

  • 4 x 1-hour teaching videos (approx.):

    • Climbing up

    • The tricky bits

    • Seeing the view

    • Milestones on your journey

  • 4 x workbooks with small exercises and journal prompts to consolidate the learning

  • video transcripts and downloadable audio files of each video

  • Additional Material included in an 'awakening toolbox'

  • [BONUS] An audio only version of the visualisation meditation to download and listen to

  • [BONUS] a Q&A video that goes deeply into many aspects of awakening 

  • [BONUS] A PDF of useful self-care practices for your journey

NOTE: The main videos were recorded live but have been edited, annotated and closed captions have been added.

Are you excited to gain this empowering overview?  Click the link below

Is this course for me?

Here are the various stages of awakening that this course can help.

This course is for anyone who wants to gain an overview of their awakening path. To understand that their spiritual journey will be unique to them and that there are various stages you will likely go through and how best to navigate them.

In this course, I share the types of support you'll need, as well as the benefits of each stage.

You'll leave with the overview, tools and roadmap you need to be able to navigate your journey with confidence.


Type #1

Something has recently happened, probably within the last year, that's caused you to look at the world in a whole new way.

  • You might have had a crisis that has caused huge upheaval in your life.

  • You may have had some kind of psychic experience or vision that frightened, amazed or freaked you out.

  • You may be seeing things going on in the world that you've never seen or been aware of before.

Whatever the catalyst, something has happened that's confused you and prompted you to start looking for answers to all the questions you have.

And somehow or other, perhaps you don't even know how, you've found yourself here, reading this.

If this is the stage you are at... then yes, you'd absolutely benefit from this course!
It will help you to understand the journey you're embarking on. 


Type #2

You've maybe been on your awakening path for a while now. You probably follow spiritual thought leaders.

  • You've perhaps dabbled in tarot cards or crystals, read self-growth books or joined some psychic or spirituality groups. 

  • You feel you've got some kind of purpose even if you are not sure what it is. 

  • You may have done some, or even quite a bit, of inner work, healing some old wounds and uncovering some of the layers of illusion. 

And yet, you feel there's more to discover.

You feel ready to move to the next stage of expansion. 

Perhaps your intuition led you here? Maybe you feel drawn to understand the bigger picture of what's going on?

If this describes where you are... then you've come to the right place!
This course will give you that bigger picture.


Type #3

You've already been through a lot of the awakening process. You may even be a specialist in one particular area e.g. yoga teacher or offering tarot readings.

  • You feel you have a lot of the jigsaw puzzle pieces of what awakening is about, although maybe you've not yet managed to piece them all together into a cohesive picture.

  • You want to understand what it is you've been through and get an overview of the awakening story arc and what it's leading towards.

  • You've been drawn here because you are ready to review your journey from a higher perspective.

You want someone to explain what you've been through and help you to find that overview and give you a framework to help you fit all the pieces together.

If this describes where you are on your journey... then great news!
This course will give you that overview 
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