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The Awakening Journey

What is an Awakening?

It simply describes, becoming consciously aware… So, the beginning of you raising your conscious awareness. You start to see the world differently, things you saw before start to have new meaning and lack of meaning. But it is not just your mind as it also creates changes deeply in our body and emotions. You begin seeing things that are almost repeating to you.

Sometimes it is called ‘spiritual awakening’.

When the process of awakening begins you start to question your reality. 

Questions you may ask yourself like...

  • What is actually real?  What’s going on in the world?

  • Your life. Your beliefs.  The system and how things are run.

  • Where am I on the path? Is there even a path? How do I navigate it?

  • Seeing things in a way you’ve never seen them before and wondering how you’ve previously missed it?

  • Is there a point to all this?

  • Do I have a purpose in life? 


You end up with a bucket full of realisations: 

The condition and programming you were given as a child you realise has been running your life and that you have not been living as your true self, but a self, created by others and which you then built upon.

There is a realisation that this physical body is not all there is, there is so much more to you than the physical.

It is almost as if you have a breakthrough where you are consciously aware you are not physical but a soul or spirit have an experience in the physical experience.

Stages of Awakening

A brief disclaimer:

I haven’t described this as a ‘Definitive guide...’ or an ‘Ultimate guide to awakening' or even stated that these are ‘THE’ stages, because… honestly… THERE'S NO SUCH THING as a single path through awakening (even though others may try to tell you that only 'their' way is the 'right' way).

I’d also like to assure you that none of the stages I mention are compulsory, linear or mutually exclusive.

The awakening journey is not linear, so you may go back around and revisit some stages again and again, and you may even be going through several stages at the same time.

Your awakening journey will be unique to you, just as it is to all of us.

Having said all that... this is the sort of guide I wish I would have had when I was first awakening, so I offer my experience and wisdom to YOU, to give you some understanding of the process. 

Stage 1: Awakening to the Call

The first step of the spiritual awakening journey is the awakening to the call—an internal stirring that signals the beginning of a profound transformation. This awakening often arises from a deep longing for something more meaningful in life. It may manifest as a feeling of restlessness, a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo, or a curiosity about the mysteries of existence. This call is like a gentle whisper from the depths of your soul, urging you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

During this stage, you may find yourself questioning the purpose and meaning of your existence. You may feel a disconnect from the conventional path you've been following and a yearning to explore new possibilities. You might start noticing synchronicities or meaningful coincidences that seem to guide you towards a different direction. It is crucial to pay attention to these signs and listen to the whispers of your intuition. This awakening to the call marks the beginning of your spiritual journey, inviting you to explore the depths of your being and discover the profound wisdom that resides within you.

Trigger 1 – A Crisis

The first type of trigger is usually something traumatic - like an accident, a breakup or losing your job - that causes upheaval in your life. 

It can be through a bereavement or other significant change in circumstances.

It can even be caused by being upset about what’s going on in the world, causing anxiety and depression.

There’s certainly been enough chaos and upheaval going on in the world over the past few years to have pushed many people through into their awakening – and indeed that has been the very purpose of why this seeming chaos has been happening.

The upheaval in the world is all part of the process of helping to push people through that barrier into awakening, to suddenly seeing that what they thought of as true is no longer true, and to see things through a different lens.

Trigger 2 - A Revelation

The second type of trigger is a revelation, and these can range from gentle to quite extreme.

Perhaps you were out on a walk and, seeing a beautiful sunrise, you suddenly had a profound feeling of 'oneness' with the world and realised that everything was connected, and you were part of a greater whole.

Or you connected with an animal and found you could communicate with it. Or you woke to feel a presence beside your bed, or you had a visit from an angel or an energetic being.

Or something else happened that suddenly made you see the world completely differently. 

Some people experience ‘channelling’ of beings, hearing voices in their head, or getting 'downloads' of information.

For some this can be truly frightening, and they can feel like they are going mad or having a psychotic episode.

For others it can be a deeply profound experience, but either way, it changes their entire perception of themselves and the world around them. 


Trigger 3 – Psychic Development

A third way is becoming aware of psychic or empathic abilities.  You may find yourself being able to feel other people’s energies or connect with their thoughts.

In fact, you might have been aware of these abilities for years, or all your life, but kept that part of yourself hidden or separate from your everyday life. Then, one day, something switched inside you, and you started to question “how do these gifts fit into the bigger picture? Or am I really feeling this?”.

I know that sometimes people have been frightened by these abilities in the past and they pushed them away and buried them – but now they are re-surfacing.

Or these gifts and abilities may just suddenly appear, and you don't realise that the energies and emotions you are feeling are actually someone else's and not your own. 

Whichever way it happens, these kinds of occurrences can push you through the invisible barrier to conscious awareness. 


My own trigger

My trigger began when I was a mere lad of 17. My childhood was extremely negative and controlling, full of anger and violence. Because of this I became the same as I was taught, a very anger young lad and I took this anger out on many other both verbally and physically. I Started working in a department store and there was an elderly man to train me up. He was such a kind, loving and gentle soul that it started me on the path of thinking… Hmmmm this could have been dangerous, but it meant I was lost in the thought that everything I had been taught was actually not the way to live and that anger was not how I wanted to live anymore. It triggered me that much, at the age of 18, I packed a backpack and off I went travelling, to find the truth.

I had a second trigger time, when I returned from my travels after following gurus and yogis around in the far east. When I returned, I was extremely overwhelmed with the input of society I almost lost my mind. My ego began to return, I couldn’t handle everyone rushing around, and everything started spinning around me. This created a time of turmoil with many things I ‘thought’ I had dealt with from my childhood rearing its head once again. Of which I now know that while out in the mystical far east instead of releasing internal issues, I actually suppressed them as no on taught me how to release rather than suppress.


The trigger causes changes in perception

Your experience will have been unique to you, but something will have changed that made you look at life differently and you can't 'unsee' it once you've seen it.

Once the switch has been flicked, often confusion follows. The world you knew starts to dissolve around you. This might be physically, emotionally, mentally or all three.

You may start having strange thoughts. You may feel different, like you don't belong here.

Sometimes you can find that your support structure falls away and you suddenly no longer connect with people around you.

Confusion is an uncomfortable place to be, and it prompts us to start to seek out answers. But at the start of this process, we have no words to explain what it is happening to us. It all seems a bit overwhelming and strange. We don’t know what to believe any more.

We don't know how to operate in this new environment and so we keep looking for someone who will explain it all to us in a no-nonsense way.

That's where we can help!

Step 2: Self-Reflection and Questioning

In the second step, you embark on a journey of self-reflection and introspection. As you awaken to the call, you naturally begin to question long-held beliefs, societal norms, and the conditioning that has shaped your perception of reality.

This process of questioning allows you to explore the layers of identity that have been imposed upon you and gain a clearer understanding of your authentic self.

You may find yourself contemplating existential questions, such as "Who am I?" and "What is the purpose of life?" This introspective exploration helps you peel back the layers of conditioning and societal expectations to uncover the essence of your being.

You may engage in practices like journaling, meditation, or deep conversations with yourself to delve into your core values, desires, and passions. This stage of self-reflection and questioning is vital for unraveling the layers of illusion and discovering your true nature.

Physical, emotional, and situational changes

If your trigger has been traumatic and caused a lot of upheaval, you might find that your life has started to fall apart and you may be having to cope with new relationships and/ or physical circumstances.

It is therefore not unexpected that your emotions will be turbulent at this stage. The ground beneath your feet can feel very shaky and it is very common during this time to feel doubt and overwhelm.

You can also experience some physical changes too – you might suddenly feel drawn to change your diet or start to feel energy in your body in a different way, or become aware of psychic powers, which you need to learn how to cope with.

Why Self-care is so important

The most important support you need at this stage is to understand that self-care is absolutely vital – it’s not a luxury but fundamental to your journey. Self-care is so much more than just pampering yourself, it is inner self-care which matters at this point forward.  This is why we have put a lot of effort into providing information and support around self-care, to help and support you and to prepare you for your awakening journey.

Unless you have solid self-care in place then you can suffer overwhelm and burnout very quickly. Which can come in the form of anxiety or depression.


This is where we first encounter that which is known as the ‘dark night of the soul’. Which are issues we have held onto since our childhood and not released continually adding to them, in eastern Sanskrit these issues are known as samskaras, you may better know them as ‘blockages’ but they are all issues we have held onto and have lived by with all our choices and decisions throughout our life, they have been how we have seen the world through the veils of these issues.

Stage 3: Embracing the Shadow

In the third step, you confront and embrace your shadow aspects—the parts of yourself that you may have suppressed, denied, or considered unworthy. The shadow represents the unconscious aspects of your personality, including fears, insecurities, unresolved traumas, and societal conditioning. By acknowledging and integrating these aspects, you facilitate healing, personal growth, and a deeper sense of self-acceptance.

Embracing the shadow requires courage and self-compassion. It involves facing the darker aspects of your psyche with a willingness to explore and understand them. This process of shadow work allows you to reclaim lost parts of yourself, heal emotional wounds, and integrate fragmented aspects of your being. By embracing your shadow, you embark on a journey of self-integration and wholeness. It is through this integration that you can access your full potential and live authentically.


However, you do begin to become aware that you are on a journey and this stage sees you begin to look for answers and explore what awakening means to you.

Not sure what to believe as the veils of illusion begin to fall away.


When we are asleep, it's like we are under 'veils of illusion' that stop us being aware of things. As the veils of illusion begin to fall away, you begin to open up to new ways of thinking – and my goodness there is a whole world of potential paths through this process. 

The path you pick will be unique to you and it will be shaped by what attracts you and who you are.

Rarely are we completely reinvented when we awaken in the western world - we just become more the true essence of ourselves - so you'll do what feels right for you. 


You might begin to do some research, read books and blogs, join groups, take courses, and explore new ways of thinking and being. 

The type of thing you are attracted to will depend on what feels right for you.

Some begin by being drawn to Reiki, crystals and yoga. Others will explore shamanism, or white witchcraft.

Some will explore literature around philosophy, self-awareness books, or more esoteric things around concepts like Starseeds or Lightworkers.

Some are drawn to angels. Some go down the dark path of conspiracy theories.

Others follow a more organised religious path or start to view their religion in a completely new way. 

There is no one path, no one way. We are all heading in a similar direction, but the route we take will be our own and will ultimately lead to the same place, the collective consciousness.


Learning not to give your power away.

You may find yourself following some spiritual gurus or thought leaders – there are many of them, and everyone has something to share. 

However, I’d strongly advise you to be discerning in who you follow. 

Avoid the ones who state that their way is the only ‘right’ way or ‘true’ way, and that they have the ‘secret’ to it all, because these people often have a ‘guru complex’ or what I like to call a ‘spiritual ego’ with a desire to control and exploit others.

We can often give away our power through believing others are 'better' and 'more spiritual' than we are (which is not true - we are all equal as souls on differing parts of our journey). 

The most important thing to know is that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in terms of awakening and NO ONE (repeat NO ONE) has all the answers.  


Your path will be unique to you, and only YOU will know what your true path will be, because you’ll be drawn towards it internally.

Needing a framework of understanding

The most important support you need at this stage is a framework of understanding of what you are going through.

You can often be struggling to get your head round what’s happening and how to move forward,

The best framework is up to you, we offer a number of courses at the Academy of Presence, but you will always find it is your intuition you need to follow and not my or not what anyone else says you have to do. You do that which feels right but we at the academy will always be here to support you.

Stage 4: Expanding Consciousness

As you continue your spiritual awakening journey, you experience an expansion of consciousness. Your awareness transcends the limitations of the ego, and you open up to higher states of perception and understanding.

This expanded consciousness allows you to recognize the interconnectedness of all beings and the unity that underlies the diversity of life.

During this stage, you may have glimpses of transcendent experiences, moments of profound clarity, and a deep sense of oneness with everything around you. You start to perceive the underlying energetic fabric that interconnects all aspects of existence.

This expanded awareness brings a greater appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the world. You may develop a sense of empathy and compassion for all living beings, cultivating a deep reverence for the interconnected web of life.


Our beliefs are not our own - we may think they are, but they are mainly an amalgamation of the way we have been brought up, our culture, our family systems and what we’ve absorbed and been exposed to throughout our lives.

As we’ve been growing up, we’ve also

  • absorbed limiting belief systems,

  • incurred wounds, and

  • accumulated programming and behaviour patterns

  • Held onto all of these things as our gospel so to speak.

That served us at the time but which we will now find are limiting us.


It is like we have been living in just one room, and we know everything that is in the room off by heart, we know exactly where everything is and habit has shown us which way to walk around the room to not bump into things, then suddenly we open the curtains for the first time and oh my we see there is an outside world beyond our room. The furniture in the room which we have blocked the door with is our issues, our samskaras, we need to remove or rather release so we can walk through the door.


Unpicking some of this can feel very difficult, because we have probably spent most of our lives trying to avoid our pain, the pain of bumping into our furniture which we placed just so, to prevent us bumping into it.

We will have used coping mechanisms like avoidance or even addictions (whether drugs, food, or work) or anything that deflected from having to look at our pain and trauma.

Starting to gather tools.

This is the stage when we begin to try our best to gather tools to help us process and release these old hurts, patterns and wounds, as we begin the process of unpicking the accumulated layers that have been distorting who we are. 

These tools can be people (like those offering coaching or energy services, such as those we offer)

Or we can turn to online courses, like our own offerings, or perhaps meditations, or breathwork practices, which we highly recommend.


Learning to trust your intuition.

This stage also sees us beginning to learn to trust our intuition and connect in with our inner guidance - even though you can struggle with this at first, if we persevere we find it worth it.

We begin to move out of victimhood and take more ownership of our triggers and responsibility for ourselves and our choices.

We may learn about tools that can help us do this, such as channelled writing, tarot, dowsing, a crystal ball, or any other of a multitude of different practices that can help you connect with your inner guidance. Our recommendation is always building the foundations and do the inner work before resorting to outside objects and ways to help. The inner work can always, always be achieved through basic meditations. 


Spiral growth

The length of this stage will depend on your age, how much trauma you’ve had in this lifetime, and your willingness to undertake this healing process.

You’ll also find that the journey isn’t linear but spiral in nature.

You’ll find the same patterns coming round again and again, as you heal in layers. But sticking with it, you will chip away at them until the energy flow within us washes them fully away. It is a dedication on your part required to heal these samskaras as they arise and it is awesome that they come up in our everyday lives as each time we can relax and release them chipping away each time.

Stage 5: Seeking Wisdom and Guidance


If you reach this stage, then well done you!

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to walk this path of inner exploration and introspection.

Most people do not want to look at their issues, their deepest hurts, their pain – and that’s understandable.

We have usually spent a lifetime avoiding them and have used all sorts of diversionary or self-numbing tactics to prevent us from doing so.

In this step, you actively seek wisdom and guidance from various sources to deepen your understanding and nourish your spiritual growth. You embark on a quest for knowledge, exploring different philosophies, spiritual teachings, books, and practices that resonate with your soul. This quest helps you integrate diverse perspectives, expand your spiritual toolkit, and develop a holistic understanding of the nature of reality.

You may seek out mentors, teachers, or spiritual communities who can offer guidance and support on your journey. Engaging in conversations and discussions with like-minded individuals can be illuminating and provide new insights. Additionally, you may engage in practices such as journaling, self-reflection exercises, or attending workshops and retreats to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and the collective wisdom of others. Seeking wisdom and guidance becomes an integral part of your growth and transformation, as you learn from the experiences and insights of those who have walked a similar path.

This deep inner journey to find your authentic self follows on from the earlier healing stage, but now sees you looking into your darkest issues and deepest pain and uncovering all the ways in which you are submerging your true self, don’t worry it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds.


This is the stage when you get to dig REALLY DEEP - peeling off those layers and layers of patterning conditioning and finding the authentic you inside.

This is where the ongoing support we offer in our courses and the community they have come into their own, because we offer continuing support for your whole journey, as part of self-paced courses. 

Awakening is an ongoing journey - not a destination!

I have to tell you that you’ll never come to the end of that path - awakening is an ongoing journey - not a destination. Every day is a lesson now though and not a challenge.

There will always be something new about yourself to explore and expand into–but as things become harder, they also become easier.

What I mean by that is that, as you spiral through each layer, while the challenges you face can grow harder (eg facing your deepest fears and digging into your deepest trauma), your ability to cope with it becomes much easier.

You may even become the person (like me) who says:


“Woah, I’m triggered by that. Oh good, I wonder what is coming up to be seen, released and let go of?”


This can be as simple as… Your driving and in a hurry, you come across a car doing 10mph below the speed limit and usually you would start cursing, but in this stage of awakening you notice your feelings begin so you become aware of them and allow them to come up and the release them by changing the habitual pattern to one of… I know I am in a hurry but they drive as they drive and I drive as I drive, and I wouldn’t want anyone to change the way I drive, so I can sit back follow my breath and enjoy this extra time I have and I may see something beautiful I have never noticed before.

Finding your authentic self

Awakening is ultimately about finding your true authentic self – stripping off the layers of illusion and the stories we’ve woven around ourselves.

It’s about taking responsibility for ourselves. Learning to stand in our own power – not give away our power to others, whether that’s governments, religions or relationships. 

  • We are not victims and there is no one who has more power than we have.

  • We are fractals of the Divine – and at this stage we begin to find the divine within ourselves. 

  • We are not waiting for someone stronger or more powerful to come along and rescue us.

  • We ditch the co-dependent relationships and become truer to our authentic selves. 


Getting caught in side-alleys (spiritual bypassing)

However, although in this stage we begin to become much more self-aware, sometimes we can get stuck.

We may not be able to see some of our patterns where we try to control and manipulate or avoid doing our inner work. 

Trying to avoid doing it even has a name – spiritual bypassing.


There are lots of people who will offer you ways in which you can ‘ascend’ without doing the uncomfortable inner work – like using hallucinogens or using techniques that purport to heal without looking within...

...but my experience and guidance over the years have shown that not only is the deep inner work essential, but it is also ultimately the most rewarding way to grow, and to try and avoid it is to try to bypass the journey of expansion. This is the same as I was saying earlier for myself, instead of doing the work to release, I suppressed them so in effect bypassed them and they all became a tightly coiled spring ready to spring with an explosion.

Getting stuck at the Guru phase

Gurus, generally westernised guru’s try to get you to give away your power and make you believe that they are more ‘spiritual’ than you, or better than you.  Yes there are true Guru’s or Yogis out there and many are now on the internet, but don’t be fooled by the ones that say they have the secret or the quick fix way.


You may even spend some time setting yourself up as a guru at this stage, this again is usually the spiritual ego coming to surface.

You can recognise this by catching yourself thinking you are better than others who are further down the path than you or thinking that you know other people's paths better than they do.

Everyone's soul is equal and the only person who knows your true path is YOU!

Getting deeper connection with spirit guides

You come out of this stage so much stronger because you’ve faced your biggest fears.

And you will also, by now, be making a deeper connection with your internal guidance.


As the outer shells and shields you’ve built around yourself for protection unpeel, you will open yourself up further to connect with your intuition, and eventually you will have tools to do that (whether directly speaking with your guides, or through tools like dowsing, tarot, channelled writing, meditation, or any of the other ways that works best for you). AS I said earlier even at this stage we will always, always recommend meditation as the tool you use until you are fully present. Anything other can and does in many, trigger the spiritual ego, but if you follow your intuition you will know and you will be the only person who knows.

We must remember that through our journey we become connected to the collective consciousness and in doing so if we are guided to then once we live in this present moment within the collective consciousness all possibilities are there including all spiritual practices.

Step 6: Integrating Spiritual Practices

As your spiritual awakening deepens, you integrate spiritual practices into your daily life. These practices serve as pathways for self-realization and cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self and the divine. Examples of spiritual practices include meditation, mindfulness, yoga, energy work, prayer, or spending time in nature.

Engaging in these practices helps you cultivate presence, inner peace, and a heightened sense of awareness. They provide tools to navigate the challenges of daily life and align your actions with your higher self. Through regular practice, you deepen your spiritual connection and access inner guidance and wisdom. These practices also help you cultivate qualities such as compassion, gratitude, and self-love, which support your continued growth and transformation.

Seeing the perfection of your journey

You’re starting to see why your life has unfolded in a certain way and you’ll begin to see how the threads of your life have been leading you to this point.

You are now able to look back at your life from a higher vantage point and see why things happened the way they did and the perfection of that journey.

Coming to balance

You’re coming to balance –the extremes of the earlier healing and self-discovery stages begin to mellow.

You will continue to face challenges, but you now see them as gifts and that they are there to give you new insights and new discoveries about yourself. 

You recognise that the challenges are opening you up to new opportunities and all old triggers are always for your highest and best good and for the benefit of all beings.

Radical acceptance of all experience

This 'radical acceptance of all experience' is the understanding that nothing is good or bad, except through the judgment or values we impose on them. Coming to this understanding helps you to be on less of an emotional roller-coaster.

This doesn’t mean we detach from our emotions – quite the opposite - we see all our emotions as part of our internal guidance system, helping us to get back on to our highest and best path.

Ancestral healing

This stage also often sees us moving beyond just healing what’s been going on in our own life, to looking to the patterns being handed down within our families and ancestral lineage and perhaps even through past lives.

Manifesting and living in joy

By now we are moving into a state where joy is our most frequent vibration, which by the way is our natural state of being. Not always – we are human and having a human experience after all - and consequently we experience the full range of emotional expression.

We are not afraid of our anger or our sadness, but we know we don’t need to live there for a long time and can find our way back to joy quite quickly. We also realise that living in this state is the present moment and we become deeply and truly grateful for everything in our lives right now in this moment, and that if we need for something, we trust that the universe will provide.

Slowing down and moving into flow

This stage also usually sees us slowing down and realising that we don’t have to follow the values that society has been imposing on us – we don’t have to work hard to ‘earn our worth’.

Our value does not lie in our productivity and that we can move out of the usual '9-to-5' rigidity and into something that is more in alignment with who we came to be on this planet.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we will all become crystal sellers – but we move into alignment with who and what we truly want to be and how we want to show up in the world - and how that looks will be unique to what makes our individual soul sing. 

Stage 7: Embodying Your Authentic Self

The final step of the spiritual awakening journey is about embodying your authentic self and living in alignment with your newfound awareness and purpose. It is a transformative process of integrating the insights and wisdom gained throughout your journey into your everyday life.

Embodying your authentic self involves embracing your unique gifts, passions, and values and expressing them authentically in the world. It requires aligning your actions with your inner truth, regardless of societal expectations or external influences. This alignment brings a profound sense of fulfillment, joy, and contribution to the world.

As you embody your authentic self, you become a beacon of inspiration for others on their awakening journeys. Your presence and authenticity serve as a catalyst for positive change and contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness. By living as an embodiment of your spiritual awakening, you inspire others to connect with their own inner truth and embark on their unique paths of self-discovery and transformation.

Remember, the spiritual awakening journey is a lifelong process, and these steps provide a general framework. Each step is interconnected, and the order or intensity may vary for each individual. Embrace the beauty of your unique path and trust the wisdom that unfolds as you navigate each step of your spiritual awakening journey.


Authentic – fully expressing your true self.

You have done a lot of your inner work and are comfortable in your own skin and your own authenticity. You don’t need people to like you. You don’t bend yourself out of shape to be who others want you to be or to fit in with others’ expectations.


Sovereign being.

You become a sovereign being – someone who isn’t looking outside of the self for answers. You aren’t expecting someone or something to save you. You have grown up and taken full responsibility for your choices and actions.

Co creating with spirit.

You know that there are no wrong choices – you have the capability to co-create with spirit (the Universe, Source, or God, however you prefer to call it).

You know that you create your own reality, and you know how to change that reality. You recognise that life is both simple and also complex and paradoxical, and you’re okay with that.

Living in high vibrational frequency

You’re living in higher vibrational frequency and your light is emanating in the world in the way that is in alignment with who you are here to be.

Manifesting your best life – moving into abundance and flow

You move from seeing the world as one of lack and ‘not enoughness’ to one of abundance and plenty. 

  • You take aligned action – what you believe is what transpires. 

  • You make your choices from a position of love and abundance rather than fear and lack.

  • You see life is both simple and easy and full of complexity and paradoxes.

  • You come to a place of trust, acceptance, and surrender of what is, while still taking responsibility for your choices. 

If all this sounds like a dream come true – it is, because you know that when you change your thoughts and your perceptions, you change your reality.

Still human

You’re still human and you are fully inhabiting your humanness – not trying to get rid of your ego (which you'll never do) or floating outside of your body, and you’re learning how to manifest the life that’s your best life, in abundance and flow.

Awakening is not about transcending our humanness but fully inhabiting it!

You are consciousness enjoying a human experience and you are now aware of this – and you are here to have fun and play with it.

Ascension is when you can fully embody your higher self.

Awakening is not a destination but a journey – so even at this stage you’ll still have stuff spiralling round.

The difference is that you’ll know that everything is a mirror, reflecting something you need to see, and you have all the tools you need to deal with it.


Your higher self-connection becomes fully embodied as your vibration reaches a level where this becomes possible.

Awakening is ultimately a journey of self-discovery – of growing up and taking responsibility for yourself. Understanding we are all energy, and you are an integral part of the oneness. 

You are a soul having a unique human experience – you are a fractal of the Divine, and you are feeding your unique experience back to the whole.

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