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Reiki Levels 1,2 & Master Healer

The All in One Reiki Course

This is not one of your fly by night easy, online course which only gives you minimal information, training, knowledge and support.

Reiki is not just a certificate to obtain.... It is a way of life, one which creates happiness, wellbeing, compassion, joy, love for yourself and for all beings. You can not just do a quick reiki course and be a practitioner let alone a Master Hear. If you want a certificate then there are plenty of places online you can obtain one with minimum effort even though you will not actually be able to practice Reiki with it.

This is the original Reiki, with deep roots coupled together with, science and with a profound change in your life first and foremost.

I utilise over 30 years of experience, in not only teaching you everything and more about Reiki, but I show you the science behind it and it also encompasses YOU and your life changing moments to become the best YOU that you can be. All in the thought of you becoming love so you spread love and receive love in all areas of your life and all areas of your clients life.


This is not just Reiki, this is igniting love and light into your life.
And how about level 1 and level 2 FREE when you purchase all in one!

These Reiki courses involve commitment, a commitment to YOU and include many aspects of Life Coaching, Success Coaching, Energy Healing and so much more.

The course set out before you is akin to a higher diploma. If you want to become Love and have love and abundance in all areas of your life, if you want to share this love and abundance with all beings, then this is the way to do it!

PLEASE NOTE: I am only one man and can ONLY take on so many students, so please do not miss out!

What You Get

Reiki Level 1


2.5 hour live video class with full attunement.

Level 1 registered Certificate

Full in-depth course Handbook

1, What is Reiki

This where you learn the exact basics of reiki, what it is, where it is, and the modern day science facts within it. You will also learn the principles of Reiki and find out that it is all about YOU first and foremost.

2, History & Origins

This is what it says on the tin... Where, why and how it came to us.

3, Uses and benefits of Reiki

This in-depth section will leave you knowing exactly the profound benefits of this amazing healing energy.

4, Understanding the bodies energetic system

Bet you didn't think you would learn biology as well as physics, but here we are, this section shows you the human biology and how it is within the universal energy. Plus Chakras and Auras, what are they, why are they.

5, The introduction to healing

The full practical aspects, of hand positions and self-healing. Yes it is all about you, SELF_HEALING. You will learn what and the importance of intention, consciousness, being open, your intuition and sensations through reiki and so much more...

6, Self-Healing Practices

Complete and in-depth guide to self-healing practices, the whys, the how's and the what for and the results from self-healing you can gain. Including step by step meditations to help with self-healing. Treating your own problem areas, gratitude and so much, much more.

7, Organising

Full guide in how and what for you can do to fully organise yourself ready for self-healing.

Including full attunement and so so much more for your benefit in healing yourself.

We cannot spread love and healing until we ourselves are love. Level 1 will give you a wonderful connection to you being the best you, you can be and with your inner love.

Reiki Level 2

2.5 hour live video class with full attunement.

Level 2 registered Certificate

Full in-depth course Handbook


Even though you will find less sections, each section is many times longer with included knowledge you will require.


Learn what symbols in healing are... Learn the symbols for level 2 and how to use them.

2, The Reiki Practices

Here you will learn and in-depth, more about self-healing (remember we cannot heal others unless we are healing ourselves) How to give healing sessions in person and over distance. Also you will learn how and where you can bring Reiki into everything in your life.

3, All the extras

Learn profound meditations for self-healing, for healing others, additional tools based on modern science to propel you along your beautiful path, the healing crisis what is is and how to deal with it, in yourself and others and so much more to help you with yourself and sessions for others.

Including full Attunement and and so much more love, knowledge and facts to move you forward into the amazing world we live in.

Reiki Master Healer

The Master Healer course is split in 2. The first part being Pathway to master and second being Master Healer.

The pathway is a life changing step up from level 2 and creates a you that is ready to become a Master Healer with much love and light.

This is what you have been working up to, through levels 1 and 2, they have been the foundations ready to build the top.

Pathway to Master will give you the YOU that is required in becoming the awesome master healer and is a stunningly beautiful journey with many mini profound attunements throughout it. You will also learn and receive wonderful new symbols to use in your healing.

COURSE CONTENT Pt 1 Master Healer - Pathway to Master

Section 1

This is your full introduction to your Pathway to Master Healer. You will learn all about the ascension you will go through and achieve on your pathway and all the whats, whys and hows and you will receice attunements in every phase.

Phase one,

Universal Love attunements

This nis the start of your new in-depth journey in to becoming love itself. Comment I have received are "Wow, amazing, so much love, care and compassion within myself", " Oh my god, what an amazing beautiful pathway you have created, thank you, so life changing" So This is a very stunning phase for anyone.

Phase two

It is through much hard work and determination you have walked through to this stage which creates even more depth of love and understanding in yourself and all beings.

Phase three,

With much love and light this phase is an upliftment of your consciousness, with the wonderful energies of one-ness beginning to soak in to you.

Phase four,

This most universal and beautiful phase, as I struggled to find words to express the enormity of phase 4's energetic frequencies, I received the following message to help communicate this to you...

Where there are forces and imbalances outside of your recognition. We are delivering this set of teaching to enable you the internal power of empowerment to forward manage these. 

This phase will open up a new generation of love, a new generation of patience and of goodwill for all.


Understanding one-ness in full depth with much knowledge brought to you with love.

More modern science facts show you how we are one.

This is the whole point of inter-connectedness, to know we are all one

Thoughts and what they can do, how thoughts effect everything.

The maharishi effect explained.

More science facts on 'consciousness

And finishing with many beautiful affirmations to help achieve a beautiful internal love for the benefit of all beings.

COURSE CONTENT Pt2 Master Healer

You have worked hard to arrive at this point and you have become such an amazing beautiful soul full of love, happiness, joy, compassion and kindness, you have felt and known this one-ness of being love and on top of that, you are now aware this benefits all beings.

Each one of the sections laid out below create a an even deeper (Yes I know you thought you had gone deep so far) meaning and understanding in not only Reiki itself, not only utilising Reiki for healing but also of YOU and our world, our universe.

Chapter 1: Theoretical Foundations
1. Welcome To Becoming A Reiki Master Healer!
2. Introducing The Reiki Master Healer Symbols
3. A Deeper Understanding Of ‘Reiki’ and how it is in YOUR life
4. The Benefits Of Cultivating Altruism
Chapter 2: Receiving Your Attunement
1. Introduction To The Attunement Process
2. Instructions For Receiving Your Attunement
Chapter 3: The Reiki Practices for Master Healer
1. Overview & Introduction
2. Contemporary Reiki Healing Techniques
3. Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing Techniques
4. The Self Healing Practices For Master Healer
5. Doing Healing Work For Others at Master Healer level
6. Learning Advanced Usui Reiki
7. Final Comments
Chapter 4: Appendices
Appendix 1: A deeper Understanding of One-ness
Appendix 2: More higher meditations
Appendix 3: Additional Useful Material

Well, if you have been dedicated enough to read this far I thank you for doing so and I would be truly blessed to become your Reiki Master and share so much love and knowledge with you, for the benefit of all beings.

Now you have seen the headings and sections involved in this beautiful journey...

Are YOU going to make an investment in YOUR future!

Because that is what it is... Reiki is not just about the healing, it is about YOU and it is about changing YOU to become the best abundant YOU that you can be, and then spreading that love and abundance out.

Are you ready to become that abundance of love and everything which goes with it?

Along the journey of becoming a Reiki Master Healer with me, I will also share many videos with you, musings, explanations and many meditations. I come with full email support, a dedicated private group and continuous help and advice, and remember you are getting level 1 and level 2 completely FREE!

Well, we better now talk cost for you.

I am not going to give you that big sale rubbish so do not worry. 

If you are guided in me becoming your Master and teaching you with over 30 years of knowledge, not only as a spiritual teacher but over 25 years as a Reiki Grand Master, Qualified multi-disciplinary scientist, blessed with the title of Guru in the Eastern community and a Qualified teacher in the western world then, that is wonderful and I am so blessed to become your Teacher.

If you are not guided in becoming my student then that is wonderful also and my blessing to you is that you live a joyful, happy and abundant life with much love.

Right, the cost... 

I will tell you that all this separately would be £650 about $900usd but I am not doing it separately so you won't expect to pay that amount plus Level 1 and 2 are FREE!

I would love nothing more than to give it away for free, but lets be realistic also, we all have our bills to pay no matter how aware and loving we are. 

So it is with the deepest love I have set the cost for the full course at just £300 if paid in full or at £80 deposit and then 3 monthly payments of £80, total of £320 (The addition on monthly is to cover extra admin costs involved)

So, for this you get Reiki Level, 1, 2 and Master Healer.

You get me One on One with my 30 years experience

You get full email support

You get a private group of Master Healers for support

You get extra live and video teachings

You get many live and video meditations and guided meditations by me at that.

You get and investment in YOUR future

You get to help yourself in helping other

But do you know what you get that beats all that..?

You get the most happy, abundant love filled life, than you could ever imagine

You get to then spread this love and abundance out to others everywhere you go.

It is worth it just for that isn't it?

So, £300 or if you prefer to spread the cost monthly it will be £80 to take up the course then a further 3 monthly payments of £80.

Not bad for an investment in you, your future and all beings is it!?


PLEASE NOTE: I am only one man so I will only take on so many on this All In One Course. Once space is filled there will be no more.

Clicking the button below will open a new page for the secure online payment.

Please choose from the dropdown menu on the payment page for full payment or monthly. Much love and Light

Pay with PayPal

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100% money back Guarantee

When you go through the program at your own pace and then start implementing what you learn, you will have a solid understanding of how to change your life, and heal yourself and others.


At any point of time (1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year later) if you feel the Reiki Master Healer does not help you and others more effectively, simply let us know and we will send 100% of your money back. No risk. No questions asked. No hard feelings. And we’ll still let you keep the video course and all high value bonuses completely for free.


Which means that, there is absolutely no risk on your end.


Sounds cool?

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