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Reiki Level 2 course online

Reiki is a Japanese holistic light energy-based treatment. Working to re-establish a normal energy flow throughout your system, which can in turn enhance the body's innate healing ability.

The Level 2 Online is ONLY for students that have completed the level 1 course. As such this level 2 is discounted once you have completed level 1 with us.


This course will also deepen your knowledge about all aspects of Reiki and introduce new areas such as distance healing and increasing your vibrational energy.


The methods taught to you on this course will open pathways to heal not only yourself more, friends and loved ones but also you will be able to offer professional Reiki treatments to the public as a practitioner.

Your training includes

  • What is Reiki?

  • The History of Reiki

  • Information on Mikao Usui Sensei

  • Information on Chujiro Hayashi

  • Information on Hawayo Takata

  • Reiki and its Benefits

  • The Principles of Reiki

  • The Chakras and the Energetic Field

  • The History of the Chakra System

  • The Severn Chakras System

  • Reiki Self Treatment

  • The Standard Reiki Hand Positions

  • Full Treatment on Another

  • The Power Symbol and Uses

  • The Mental/Emotional Healing Symbol and Uses

  • The Reiki Distance Healing Symbol and Uses

  • Treatment Ethics

  • The Attunement

  • Distance Healing

  • Absent Healing

  • The Human Aura

  • The 21 Day Cleansing Process

The cost

The cost of the course which includes

  • 2.5 hour full class video

  • Full Attunement

  • Complete PDF handbook

  • Private group for help and advice

  • Certification upon completion

Total cost only £33.33

PLEASE NOTE: If you take Level 1 online with us, once completed, the level 2 is offered for only £20, via supplied voucher

You can find level 1 online just here...

Please NOTE: You will be required to show your level 1 certificate before you will be issued a level 2 certificate.
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