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Fully online

This Reiki Level one is a new addition to the Academy Of Presence and is an entire course with attunement and a complete in-depth handbook. See more info below.

ONLY £33.33



I am JT Noor the master teacher at the Academy Of Presence and I am blessed you have been guided to this page… I have been a Reiki Master teacher for over 25 years, but my journey of learnings has taken me so far 33 years, I am also a Tai Chi Grand Master and teacher, Meditation Master and teacher, a motivational speaker and, a multi-disciplinary scientist. I have studied many forms of energy-based healing, and many forms of ancient wisdom teachings including Buddhism and the Vedic texts.

I am passionate about sharing the love, the Reiki, the immense energy of positive higher vibrations our universe has and is, and also showing this through scientific evidence for the benefit of all beings.

I have been guided in creating this online course in a bid of spreading more love and openness within our amazing universe, with the higher love consciousness showing me the way to not only create the attunement specifically for this but ensuring the attunement is successful.

I truly am blessed you are here, and I wish that once you have taken this Reiki Level 1, you will see, feel and be open to the abundance of love there is within us all and you share the love for the benefit of all beings.

I hope to see you in the Reiki group once you have completed this beautiful course.

I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity of benefitting from the beautiful course of Reiki and this is why this complete course is ONLY £33.33

Much love, light, and blessings to you.


JT Noor

Universal Love Reiki

What is it?

This is my own creation of Reiki, which is traditional eastern USUI Reiki, the original Vedic texts energy healing, and modern day science, giving your Reiki learning experience one of a transformational, life changing one rather than just learning Reiki.

I found upon my return to the west that sadly the traditional teachings of USUI Reiki had been 'westernised' and commercialised in order to gain profit from so much of the traditional was changed around, so I have revived the eastern traditional USUI teachings with ancient and modern additions to enable you to become the love vibration and then to shine this love vibration out in healing.

Start your beautiful Reiki journey here

Universal Love Reiki Level 1

Full downloadable PDF handbook

11 individual video modules, including attunement

Private live support group with beautiful souls of level 1 (This is not a social media group, but a private group on our website, so only like-minded souls taking the courses are members, in this safe environment.)

Full downloadable certificate upon completion.

Cost of ONLY £33.33

Level 1 is the start of your journey, not only into the fabulous universe of Reiki, but a journey into yourself, a journey into opening up to the universal energies.

It is all about YOU, yes YOU… It takes YOU through the stages required to not only introduce you to Reiki but to yourself.

Step-by-step you will learn all the information passed down to us by Mikao Usui, and the ancient original teachings integrated with modern easy to understand scientific explanations you will learn the journey of Reiki, what it does, how it does it and the modern-day science which shows it being a reality, and how it is utilised.

Start the beautiful Reiki Level 1 here... Only £33.33

The course handbook is a detailed step-by-step guide right through Level1, it also explains the basic science we now know. There are several meditation techniques and a number of self-healing techniques.

In fact, it is that detailed you will learn more than you would during a 2 day in-person class. Including how Westernised Reiki teachings differ from my own Japanese lineage and that of ancient Reiki teachings.

There is also the spiritual side of any Reiki journey, even if you are not a ‘spiritual’ person at the moment, the practice of Reiki is the Universes energy, so this opens you up naturally to other forms of spirituality, i.e if you have medium or other tendencies within your spiritual life. Please be assured though, Reiki is in no way a part of or associated with any form of religious teachings.

The Reiki, ‘Universal Energy’ is the Universe and everything in it. We are all a part of it and we are all one in it and with it.


Following my 30 odd years of teaching I have become familiar with many, many reactions to Reiki and the feelings which come with it of pure love, it will teach you mindfulness, it will create more compassion within you, it will show you how you are uniquely pure love and how that love extends to everyone around us, making us all one.

This is why we are offering this wonderful course at such an amazing price for you, to share the love, and then for you to shine the love from within you to all beings.


I hope you enjoy this level 1 Reiki course and you benefit immensely from it and, then this benefits all beings. With much love and light to all beings.

ONLY £33.33

PLEASE NOTE: To start this online course at this amazing price, you must first become a site member of the Academy of Presence by signing up following the buttons and links provided. This will ensure a safe and secure environment for you.  Once signed up you will be able to then purchase and start the course.

Please do bare with the sign up process, this is to create security within our learning centre and place for you to feel safe learning in.

Learn relaxing universal love reiki level 1 online


You purchase the course for ONLY £33.33 

You will receive the full handbook link for download. 

You will also receive the full 11 modules for you to complete in sequence within our learning centre.

You will be admitted into the private safe group. 

When you finish the online classes you will receive your certificate. 

How simple is that for you and yes, there is no other charge ONLY the £33.33

Click the button below to start your beautiful Reiki journey.

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