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Your thoughts and your body

Our thoughts cannot determine or decipher between what is physical reality and what is not... Our thoughts actually believe, what they are, are real. Because of this, they determine our physical outcome. Our thoughts perceive reality.

If you're creating thoughts of a future event going terribly wrong, then your mind reacts as if it is physical reality and everything that follows is your brain working to that moment. Which then creates the event going terribly wrong in your mind if this is the way you are ‘thinking’ of it. The implications of this create a, your physical reality. This is how; We use our 5 senses to physically see, hear and feel this physical realm. Our thoughts are in control of these 5 physical senses. When you smell something, you think is an awful smell, your brain reacts, creates connections and stores the 'bad' smell. Later in time you remember this bad smell vividly, then your brain reacts showing the smell as reality, (oh my god, I can almost smell it still). This could be years down the line, but it becomes a reality in your brain again. This is the same for all senses, see, hear, touch etc... If you delve into your mind looking at a past event, then your mind cannot determine that it is not reality at this present moment so it acts as if these thoughts are reality in this moment. Creating all the chemicals which produce your feelings so creating a physical reality of the thoughts in this moment. Doing this on a regular basis creates this chemical reaction and your brain reacts to it being the norm, this norm in your brain tells itself, what you what physically so, when you don't even have the thought, the brain goes, hang on we need to produce these chemicals as that's what we have been told to do. Thus, creating the chemicals then creating the feelings, then creating interaction with your thoughts then creating interaction with your immune system and your genomes. This is very important because it is our genomes which create the proteins which build our body, 'negative' thoughts create such chemicals which open up the production of negative proteins, illness creating proteins.

Positive situations and continued thoughts do the same, the brain releases different chemicals, which create uplifting feelings, which create chemical genome interaction which create positive, happy proteins. Even to the extent that you can think yourself into the ‘honeymoon’ period of a relationship, well not the actual exterior physical thing but you can ‘feel’ that way whenever you want.

What doe this tell us… It tells us that the ting which has been said by many for years is now scientifically proven to be so.

What does this mean for us? It means you are in full control of your biological body and that as once thought we do not have the ‘well its in my genes’ to blame. We can control our biological make up and how our body is created. I say created because it is, every day. Your body is not the same body it was a few weeks ago, in fact it is not the same as it was yesterday.

Now, with this in mind it means our physical bodies, our biological entities are reborn continually. The science has proven this over and over again, add this to our brains are not the same as they were yesterday… Then we have our full biological make up is renewed continually, renewed as what? I will get to that… But first to add to this our ‘thoughts’, these are not completely renewed, this is the reason we can remember events gone by, but 50% of our thoughts are new every day.

So, our biological, physical body is continually being renewed, reborn on a daily basis, our brain is also being reborn on a daily basis, the connections in our brain are reborn on a daily basis but, our thoughts are only 50% reborn…

Now we have a process, a process for ‘change’! Hmmmm really you may say!

If 50% of our thoughts are new thoughts each day and if 100% of our thoughts create how our biological bodies move forward which includes our brain… Then we just need to give these new 50% of thoughts to our goal or to positivity, to love etc…

The mind doesn’t create thoughts, you do! The mind does not actually have the capability to create thoughts, you give it thought, you tell it whether to release happy chemicals or not.

We can change our thoughts, so we can change our physical reality!

Yes, it is hard work to do so, especially as 95% of our thought system is stuck down in our subconscious, our subconscious is our ‘hard drive’ but it stores that which we have learnt about our world and reality, right back to when we first started learning as a toddler. This is why for many years psychologists have said that adult behaviour is influenced by the first 7 years of our lives.

This is why it is hard to change our thoughts to ultimately change our belief system into a positive one.

There are many ways to do for it to be sustainable and the amount of ways is the amount of people on the planet… Each way is different for each person, there are certain similarities, but anyone that says do what I did and it will work for you is not giving you facts.

There are many of us that recognise a process and recognise how to adapt the process and who can wholeheartedly support you and guide you on your amazing journey for change but, what worked for me will never work for you. Some of us have had much experience in doing so, which gives us the ability to guide you through an action and reaction but, ultimately it is you that changes, it is you that creates the thoughts, it is you that creates your unique process.

I can guide and support you from a scientific angle, I can guide and support you from a spiritual angle but unless you want to change deep down 100% then you won’t do.

In my next article, I will explain why it is hard to change in detail, which will give you an insight into how to create your own process.

Love and light to you all.


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