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Sustain Change

To enable you to keep any wonderful changes you make for the positive in your life, and to give you continued growth, development, goal setting, goal realisation and be able to wake in the morning with an excitement for your life...

You need to continue growing and controlling your new amazing life.

It is not just an over night thing, it takes dedication and work to sustain and it takes support and guidance to sustain...

This is where the 'Intention Course' comes in for you.

The intention course gives you every tool you require to create a life changing amazing and sustainable future for yourself which will fill everyone around you with love also.

The list of what is included is massive;

All sessions are One to One! What do you get?

6 months Life Coaching

6 Months Spiritual Coaching

6 Months Business Coaching

6 Months Meditation classes

6 Months wellbeing coaching

6 Months Relationship coaching

6 Months Tai Chi Lessons or Yoga…

Plus, the choice of either 6 months Reiki Healing or Reiki level 1, Level 2 and, Practitioner Level courses.

That is a huge list which will give you everything you need to propel you into your amazing new future...

NO... It doesn't cost a fortune... It use to but I have been guided in reducing the cost for the first 10 beautiful souls to book for only £100 per month for 6 months and includes everything listed above.

Yes, that is right just £100 per month for 6 months of my one on one 32 years of knowledge and experience. I will even do it for £500 if you book the whole thing.

So, the intention course will not only create your change, but keep your change and then propel your change into your future with tools galore, with full support, with pure love, light and guidance. How wonderful is that.

10 people only at this cost as my time is very limited with spreading the love and light.

If, after reading the course you do not know why then you are not the person guided for me to take you through. It is that simple...

I am guided in everything I do, and so are you. If you would like me to share my knowledge and love then book the course.

I very much look forward to and am extremely excited about you booking with me and me being a blessed part of your wonderful journey.

Much love and light to you.

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Unknown member
Jun 06, 2021

This has been very helpful to me, it makes you stop and think first how differently you can act or react to a given situation and change from how you would normally have done so. Thank you 😊

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