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So, You want to Manifest Your Dreams, Eh?

How to manifest my dreams

In this guide, I'll show you how and I'll also show you why what your doing is not working, without the BS! The first thing you should be is, is completely honest with yourself... The reason you haven't manifested your dreams is because of your inner issues, your limiting beliefs, basically your 'blockages' which YOU have created and YOU hold onto for dear life. Yes, it's your own fault! I told you I don't BS...

How do I know you have issues inside which you have held onto… Because you allow things and others on the outside world to upset you, to make you angry, jealous, insecure etc… These are all negative emotions including negative thoughts which are all there and happen because you ALLOW, the outside world to affect you, and in doing so, you hold onto them even tighter. But, these you have created subconsciously and they are a follow on of the beliefs which were soaked into us from everything around us as a child, and then WE added to each one throughout our lives, by following them and believing them. For example, as a child a belief that was installed into your subconscious could be and this is a majority one, the belief of lack, lack of money, lack of love etc... You may have heard your parents or people around you talking about how to make ends meet, they may have said to you "we can't, as we can't afford it right now" "there are more important things to spend our money on" there are so many for all areas in our lives, which I won’t go into here. Once these beliefs are installed, before the age of 7 or 8 years old, you then as it suggests, believe them to be true facts. As we grow, our brain then reinforces these with everything we see, hear, and feel around us and you believe these thoughts and feelings even more. Creating a belief subconsciously that it is right and true to live in and one with lack. So the first thing you need to do, is change these limiting beliefs which ARE holding you back and stopping you moving forward into manifesting your dream life. We need to start releasing this s**t we have held onto!

“The issues within us are that which is stopping us seeing and feeling the beauty, love, joy and harmony in life” How do you get past these limiting beliefs? By being present! What do I mean by being present. Well, you live your life either in the past, or in the future based on your past and you completely bypass and miss the present moment. You don't even notice what is in front of you because you are always wanting for more and, that more you want is always based on what you've not had in the past or what others have that you don't have. So, you actually miss the present moment and all the beauty in it and all the amazing opportunities in it.

The best way to become present as I've found with over 30 years of helping others is meditation. Meditation centres us into the present and then we become aware, aware that we are not our thoughts, feelings, and emotions which in this present moment means we are in and do control them. More on meditation towards the end of this post.

“Quieten your mind, quieten your heart, and feel the peace engulf you” Once in this space you are then grateful, you'll have real gratitude for everything you have right now, you'll not think of that which you haven't got, you'll not think of what others have got and this creates 'right action' and 'right non action' more on this later. Next you have to know what you actually want. Yes, you may say I know, I want to be a millionaire, but do you know how it feels to be a millionaire, because your feelings and emotions know what it feels like not to be one and this is the crutch. It is our feelings and emotions based on our limiting beliefs that stop us feeling what it is like to have... Why is this important? Because our feelings and emotions are a cycle part of our mind, so no matter how much you tell yourself what you want, unless you feel it, it'll just stop on the surface of your mind and then you'll reinforce the limiting beliefs of lack by not getting what you want. Actually knowing what we want is an issue in itself in modern society because of all the input manipulation and control out there which tells us what we want in order for us to purchase 'things' and for us to do certain things or be, and act a certain way. We are not things, and we are not anything on the outside world, we are not anyone else, we are a unique and beautiful sovereign being connected to everything in this amazing universe. So, if you're dreams are based on the outside world then, which is almost everybody’s dreams, then simply, they are not your dreams, they have been created in your subconscious mind through psychological manipulative advertising, control and your limiting beliefs over years and years. The ultimate to help stop this is to stop watching the rubbish TV and news and get off social media but, I know you won't do, because it's been manipulated into you to keep doing so and every time you do there is added manipulation for you to continue doing so and its become a habit and that is what the advertisers want! Once you release your 'blockages' which have been caused by you believing your thoughts from others over the years, your real dreams are then known beyond doubt, to the point you can not only visualise them in detail but you know what they feel like, and you will feel this way every time you think of them. And as I said, I wouldn't BS you, it's not easy, nowhere near as easy as many out there make it out to be. You have to be dedicated in changing, you have to persevere and you also have to put the work in that is required for you to change. After all you've had years of living in these limiting beliefs and in the psychological manipulation in creating habits, it’s not going to happen overnight, and it is hard work. But so very worth it! Once it does happen, oh my god you'll thank yourself every day. Once you know what YOU want, this then creates the right action required in this present moment to accomplish your dreams. (no, the universe is not just going to give you what you want, you have to show you really want it with action) You do one thing which is the right thing to do and suddenly the universe presents you with an opportunity to move ever closer to your dream. (These opportunities have always been there, but because you were in want from the outside world, living in your past, you never noticed them, or your limiting beliefs stopped you following them through fear) So you notice these things which propel you forward and help you move into living your dreams. You take ‘action’ upon them every single day.

“Truly listen, and see or your thoughts will make you blind and deaf” There are many tools you can use to get to this point, you're not alone in it, but there are many so called tools out there which impede you moving into your dreams, like affirmations wrongly worded or repeated at the wrong part in the process, yet say they help you manifest; these are again sales pitches. I know it’s difficult to decipher which is which, at the moment. But you do already know which helps and which impedes. Because they are right action or right non action. This means you have all the tools in you already, and you will only need support from others to grow through the use of these tools. Once you have completed the first step by living in the present moment, all the answers are clearly marked, and you will take action based on them. Why, because you are not living in your past limiting beliefs and thoughts which come from others and the outside world. You are instead living in the present moment from within your inner self and all that is there is unconditional love for you to feel, and you shine this love out which means all you will receive is the love back.

Why do I harp on so much about meditation

Because practising meditation is the only real fast track to you living your true self and beyond, so manifesting your dreams etc... Why?

Once you have started breathwork meditation and even if for only a few minutes each day to start, you begin to see or at least others begin to see a change in you and your attitude. Why? You start becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and when you are aware of them you begin to stop following them and as I said, our thoughts, emotions and feelings are not actually our own at the moment but have been taught to us since childhood. So, you begin to control for want of a better word, your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. But not by ignoring them or suppressing them, but by relaxing into them with an almost ‘ah there is that emotion of upset, which I can release, how awesome’ then you release the emotions, feeling or thought instead of following them.

Meditation is the simplest thing yet it is so difficult to start with because we follow our body and mind as this is a habit we have created over the years.

If we could only sit in the silence and go beyond our body saying, ‘I am hungry’ ‘I am uncomfortable’ ‘I need a pee’ and our thoughts saying things like ‘oh what will I have for dinner’ ‘oh this is so silly’ ‘this is not working’ etc… Then you would find a natural place we all are which is pure unconditional love, joy, peace, and harmony that will have such a profound positive effect on your life, everything in it and everyone around you.

Ultimately it is a mindset and body set change, one into acceptance and awareness, one into knowing that the future has infinite possibilities which have already happened, and are just waiting for you to choose one, and take the first action towards it being fulfilled.

Much love to you all.

JT Noor

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