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Positive affirmations are not working! Why?

Positive affirmations are not working! Why?

Because of comparisons… Eh, Comparisons? Yep, comparing!

I’ll start at the well, the start so you can understand.

We have scientifically shown 60k to 80k thoughts every day, (can you imagine if all these thoughts were negatively created), and 90% of them thoughts are the same thoughts that we had yesterday, which means our tomorrow is going to have 90% of the same thoughts as today, so our positive affirmations are being compared to the 90% same thoughts, which means we are repeating our days over and over again in lack until, we begin to utilise the 10% and rewire our brains.

You are comparing to what you are saying, so when you make the statement to yourself, our mind looks to see if the statement is true or if it is false… It does this automatically by trying to disprove the statement.

So as soon as you make the affirmation statement your mind (these 90% which were the same as yesterday and the day before and day before…), automatically focuses on all the reasons in your memories you are not or do not have or are, so it is looking from in a place of lack, and where our focus goes our energy flows, meaning your focus is on lack so your energy goes on lack and your mind searches for lack and creates more lack by saying the statement is false. So, what this means is that your brain makes a comparison to everything in your memory bank to try and disprove your statement of affirmation, and so means you are focusing on lack of what your affirmation is about.

How, do we use affirmations then?

Intelligent questions, along with real feelings, they change how our brain sees our past and sees the potential for the future.

Intelligent question examples are: Why is it so easy for me to be.... How could I be more.... How am I so......... in this present moment How can I start being............ today How do I know; I already have the power within me to be.......

You need to put feeling into these also, get excited at being in a position of having whatever your affirmation is about. These questions will fire your brain into finding the answers which are always positive and fuel new beliefs, creating positive stories, new stories and new potential futures, and when you see yourself in a new potential future as someone who is or has what you want, you've started to create new neural pathways which fuels the new beliefs. Once you're fuelling these new beliefs and firing the new neural pathways, that is when 'I am' statement affirmations start to work.

With intelligent questions, your brain will look for times in your life you've had or were this (that which your affirmation is about) and it will find them, even if it is one tiny moment, and then it will question, actually is it true I don't have (whatever your affirmation is about) as I've had before, so is lack just a story, because there are many times I have been, I've done or had it before or there are many people out there that do/have or they are and I'm not that different from them, so maybe I can be or can have.

Once you are here with the feeling of excitement the 'I am' statements then have power and help but, if you're making 'I am' statements before you're here and don’t actually believe them to be true, then they will only reinforce the belief of lack, keeping yourself trapped in the same reality. Pen analogy, 1 broken 1 not... Saying the broken one is the best of them is a statement so your brain will accept or reject the statement, it will look at all the evidence for compare from your past, to say it is broken and is not the best pen, so reinforcing the belief that it is broken and is not the best, your mind focuses on everything in your past showing broken, not the best. The statement causes us to stay fixed in our known past, in our story of our reality. But asking the question, how can the broken pen be seen as the better pen? Your mind may and can say, well its different, it's unique compared to the other pen, which is the same as any other pen, and then it’s how you see that pen is to how it could be the better pen.

So, it acts as a metaphor and lesson, one which will help move you forward in all areas of your life. That lesson is 'how I choose to see the world is going to dictate the results that I get'. I can choose to see the pen as broken, or I choose to see the pen with potential for a powerful life lesson. The pen or your challenges in life can be either the reasons you can, or the reason you can't in your life.

Your challenges can hold you back and prevent what you want to achieve, or they can be the very thing you need to learn the very lesson to be able to move forward.

I can choose to see my challenges in a completely new light. So, then I don't fix focus on all the reasons I'm not confident, wealthy, abundant etc... or I can ask intelligent questions which alter the way I see the world creating new neural pathways and potential for anything to be my reality. Focus on all the reasons you can and all the reasons you are.

It only comes from changing the inner dialogue, the past story we have told ourselves all our life.

‘I am’ statements will only reinforce what you already believe, if you believe you are lacking in the area of your affirmations, then you will only receive the lack, over and over again.

If you want your affirmations and manifestation/law of attraction to work; You must first start to rewire your brain, so your thoughts are not comparing with the past and the lack of…

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