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Outcomes for change need to be secondary to just wanting to change.

Outcomes for change need to be secondary to just wanting to change.

Anything you want, like better health, financial prosperity, a perfect love relationship, better car, bigger house, perfect job etc... Must be secondary!

Almost everyone that looks for ways to manifest what they what, especially in today's modern times of the Internet and searching for the secret, the formula of how to manifest your wants and endlessly searching, listening to motivational videos on how to, doing endless meditations on manifestation all have three things in common...

1, They are living in lack, lack of this, lack of that.

2, They are focusing their energy on not having by trying to have.

3, They believe that the next video, seminar, book, motivational speaker has the secret and it'll work.

And unfortunately, I'm sorry to announce that there is no quick fix, there is no way of you listening, watching reading to any of it that will instantly give you what you want overnight, yes many can help in the long run, but it won’t give you what you want. Why?

Because you are constantly focusing your energy and your awareness on not having, so your subconscious mind is constantly giving you what you're focusing on, not having.

You'll always get the same thing, that which you don't have, and this is your subconscious minds comfortable place, it's what it knows and what it can predict.

Any wants that you have need to be secondary, these wants are 'things' on the outside environment. They are 'things' which come and go, they are 'things' preprogramed into you from childhood.

You've had these or similar wants of 'things' all your life, so any wants are deep seeded in your subconscious as a habitual pattern of 'I don't have, and it's comfortable to not have, as I know how it is, so that's what I'll always have, where it is comfortable'.

If you're constantly wanting to change to gain an end result of a want, and that is the only reason you want to change, by thinking it'll get you what you want, then you'll not get it, because you’re focusing on not having it. Just do it and take action to manifest your dream life

It's uncomfortable to change because of this and going out and beyond your 'comfort zone', your subconscious will do anything it can do, to talk you out of going out of this comfort zone, oh I will do it tomorrow, oh it’s scary, oh if you do that it’ll never work etc… this is how we feel anxiety.

For you to create your better future, I'm not saying you shouldn't have wants to improve your life. I'm saying the only way you will in fact improve your life is by making your wants secondary, secondary to what?

To you changing… To you deciding that in your life so far, the things you've been taught and the way you live because of this, is not working so you need to change.

Change what you do and how you do it...

Which means accepting you have issues that have stopped you gaining the life you dream of and changing them so you can move forward into abundance.

You must work on yourself and realise you can't control the outside environment to get what you want.

You need to decide to change for the reason of just changing.

Once you decide to change just because you need to change, then this is where you start, taking action and taking this action to change is the way you begin to manifest your dreams. Once you begin to change and are committed to changing, it’s not easy because you’ve a lifetime of preprogramed crap inside your subconscious mind, that it takes dedication to push through and change, but once you are committed, this is when the universe helps, and you begin seeing synchronicities which then help you move forward into abundance but within first.

In conclusion

It is the action in changing which manifests our abundance. In this commitment to change and taking even the smallest action in doing so we begin to move into the present moment, this is where our past does not influence our choices or decisions, this is where we realise doing what we have always done, has not worked for us and this is where we realise and know that all possibilities in our future not only exist but have already happened and it is the action we take right now which moves us toward that future outcome we want.

I am going to say this again, so that it sows a seed in you and sinks in…

To get what you want in life, your dreams, everything you have done and thought so far have not got you it, your habits formed from your preprogramed mind have not served you, so you must change this by taking action, and creating new habits which do serve you, by deciding you are going to change and committing to changing in action!

“Don’t be afraid of the unknown, for it is in the unknown where abundance is.”

Much love to you all in your amazing journey in life.

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