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Misconceptions, Misinterpretations, and Misunderstandings

Reiki misconceptions, misinterpretations, and misunderstandings

Okay so let’s hit the ground running…

Reiki is seen to be an ‘energy-based healing system’ It is also seen as ‘new age’ or mumbo jumbo, rubbish…

Those who see it as an energy-based healing system, think it is a miraculous way to magically heal oneself in a matter of seconds...

What it actually is, is a formulation for life, for joy, for happiness, for selflessness, for success, for healing and for pure love!

How? Because it is not merely an energy-based healing system. Why? Because it is teachings all about YOU!

You see, you cannot help anyone else until you have helped yourself. Helped yourself become love from within, it is this natural innate love which then shines out to everyone and everything. So it helps to heal others.

If you walk into a room and everyone is looking down, miserable, complaining about everything, blaming everyone else for everything, then you are going to feel this and be miserable yourself... If you walk in a room full of people laughing and being joyful, you are going to feel this and become more happy and joyful with them.

If you feel pure love from someone, you yourself then begin to join in and be pure love.

So, it is a natural innate inner self of love that in Reiki is utilised to help others. But we require feeling and being this self-love before we can shine this out to others.

Yes, there is certainly energy involved, the energy, which IS the universe, this energy from a massive scale, right down to the quantum scale has been shown scientifically to be there, to be real, to be so. It has also been shown scientifically that this energy can be manipulated, and it has also been shown scientifically that we are all connected by way of this energy.

So, the energy side of it to help us heal is scientifically proven to be there and real.

Teachings in psychology also show us how we are, at this point in our lives, it also teaches us how and why we think as we do in every moment of our lives, and how we make decision and choose.

Coaching and therapy then teach us how we can change these thoughts, the thought patterns which have brought us to where we are. It also teaches how to sustain these changes. See, there are many things we have learnt over our lives which not only do not help us anymore, but also hinder us. Many were useful at the time of learning but are no longer required, yet we continue to use them.

Why am I talking about psychology...?

Because Reiki is not only about energy healing. It is about YOU healing yourself and becoming the love which is the innate higher vibration of the universe.

So, Reiki also addresses many aspects of coaching, of psychology, of physics, of biology and of a certain kind of self-therapy.

So then, Reiki is not just Reiki, it is a life system to move you into more love, more understanding, more acceptance, more energy, more happiness, more joy and even more success by creating a focus and a drive based YOU!

So Reiki... It is not just Reiki.

If you are not where you want to be in life!

If you want more out of life!

If you are already on your new journey and need the push to sustain life!

If you sit there wondering if you are ever going to get anywhere!

If you love helping others!

If you are that friend everyone always comes to!

If you are working more hours than there is in a day!

If you are not working and bored!

If you are not fulfilling your desires!

If you have only just left school!

If you have retired!

If you want to get on with yourself more!

If you want to get along with others better!

I could go on and on and on, Reiki is not just Reiki it is a life changing, mind altering, unbelievably positive push in your life and id for EVERYONE. There is not one person I have found in more than 30 years that has not changed their life for the better and what is more fantastic, you also then help everyone around you!

You do not have to be ‘spiritual’ it is not a religion, it is not a spiritual teaching. It is a life changing mindset teaching for YOUR benefit and ultimately the benefit of all beings.

Try it out and see for yourself Just here.... Reiki level 1

Much love and light to you all.

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