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Healing your Past

I've received a few questions of late regarding limiting beliefs and negativity in our past. They are actually, one in the same thing. They are merely thoughts, your own personal thoughts and these thoughts lead you to fear, to anxiety and a depressive state, and none of these things actually exist outside of your thoughts.

You hear much in the way of 'face your past' 'heal your past' 'forgive your past' etc.... But this healing and forgiveness has, over the years been taken out of context by those who wish to control, to gain from your past. In the way a 'guru' will use it to guide you into it, and then say if you pay me, I will help, I can show you. No, just plain no. Let me explain; When we say or think anything along the lines of, 'I need to heal my past', I need to forgive, me or whoever' etc... We are focusing our attention on anything negative from our past and we are also reiterating it, in doing so, the feelings and thoughts which follow say this negativity is who we are right now. Inevitably we think and feel we are negative or 'bad' in some way. The saying goes 'we cannot change the past' so, why do you keep trying to!? Saying we can heal the past or forgive the past is saying we can change it... WE CAN'T! It's gone! So, how and what can we do? It all starts and ends with the present moment! Firstly, I need to go right back to the start of our lives. It's true when you hear that our early days still rule our days now even if you're 100 years old, until we know this and change it.

Our first 7 or 8 years, the brain is in what is scientifically called the 'theta' mode. This is the input mode, it's not the learning mode though. So, all we do is take in everything we see, hear and do, everything! So, our 'hard drive' is created but we don't have the programmes or apps until after 7 or 8 years old to enable us to use the info on our hard drive. If you hear 'you are useless' at this age, you just take in that you are useless. When we reach the age where we develop programs or apps then our hard drive becomes the 'subconscious' So our information of how and what, not only the world is, but what we are and all the basic rules of life. If your parents continually argued before we develop the programmes, then you have a subconscious rule that this is how it should be done. This relays to everything, even what your siblings do and say, even what people in the street do and say. So then, our programmes just tell us and show us what’s on your hard drive. As we grow and learn more because we live by the information on our hard drive, this is the backed up by the outside world, if just once you hear you are useless, even in jest this reiterates and backs up your hard drive so a conscious thought could be, 'oh so I am useless' and you've no idea where it comes from but there it is. Right, so you understand that we have a hard drive with information on and we act upon this information and live by this information but, you are unaware of it, it just sits there telling your conscious self what to do and who you are. Back to the past bit... Our subconscious, 'hard drive' has been learnt from childhood, and built upon throughout our lives. It's not in the past, it is in the present because it dictates to you at every moment, telling you how you should act, what way you should do something, what core beliefs you have... If, throughout your life the same thing happens over and over again, it is because of this information on your hard drive. 'If you always do the same thing, you'll always get the same result' that is a fabulous saying but you've just learnt that you have no control over your hard drive and the information it gives you for how to act. This is the point where 'gurus' say, well it can change and give me money and I'll show you... They say it's a 'secret' to know how, they use your past negativity to gain something, to sell you something. It costs nothing but a little of my time, to share the love, it's no secret it's written in many ancient books.

You can change your subconscious; you can remove these limiting beliefs and we should be automatically doing so. It is our modern world that tells us we can’t, it’s our constant bombardment from authorities from media, from people in our life that 'think they know best' remember the authorities are trying to gain your support, the media is trying to sell you their news, people in your life are living from their hard drive in their limiting beliefs and worse... They believe them completely without question. So, our past cannot be changed, so we cannot heal it or forgive it and every time you think you can do so, you are reiterating and backing up the negativity in your subconscious from your life’s events. We live! This is the moment we live! There is this present moment in time and space and nothing else! Just this present moment... This present moment is our awareness, it is our moment to rewrite our hard drive, only in this moment can we do so. The reason for this, we cannot go back or change our past, we can celebrate that our past has created our fabulous selves in this moment, if it weren't for our past then we wouldn't be at this exact point in time, and in this exact moment in time we can think and feel anything we want to! The present moment builds our future, we can choose to format our hard drive and re-enter the information on it, based on this present moment... Starting from scratch and doing this is your building blocks for every future moment which follows. But, if you're focused on healing or forgiving something or someone in the past, you are still creating your present moment and the building blocks for every present moment that follows, and that is negatively creating limiting beliefs because you can't see past, this past. To change this, we need to become aware of our present, meditation is the most amazing way of doing this but it can't be meditation alone... We need a powerful thing and that is simply 'intention' the correct intention for us individually, which creates love for ourselves and others. A common one... If you always think 'I need money', what that does is reiterate 'I've got no money' this may be the case, but it backs up and backs up and so, you'll never have money. Yet, if in this present moment and each moment which follows, you decide that you have the money that you need in that present moment, then this starts to change your subconscious and stops you fighting against money, this creates love within yourself, it also creates compassion for others, it is in this love and compassion for others, well actually for everything and everyone in our amazing universe which will then clear your way to create every present moment being a moment that you have everything you actually need at that present moment. With this we learn to give without want, we help without gaining and the most amazing thing happens...

When we give our love, our compassion our 'time' our help through being aware of just this present moment, the universe clears a path for us and we receive the love, the compassion, the time, and the help we need to create each moment and create our future. But I will clearly state that... If your intention is to help or gain something for yourself, so selfishly, nothing will work, nothing will help, and you'll repeat all the negativity over and over again. Yes, after 30 odd years of experience, continued learning and knowledge... Of helping many, many people... I can categorically say that we can only help ourselves by helping others. This is known as the karmic way and I'm sure you've all heard of Karma, mind you that is another thing that has been taking out of context in our modern world, that's another story for another time. If we think we have done something negative to someone or something in the past and we are waiting for 'karma' to catch up, then 'karma' won't, but your negative thoughts will, and they will in every present moment until you realise that we cannot effect our past at all. Yes, we need to be sorry and that is part of the love... When we are aware in the present moment, we as sentient beings automatically in our natural state feel love, in and from everything and everyone in the universe, this love, because we give it out to everything is the actual forgiveness, is the actual healing in this present moment.

This sharing love is also gratitude, for us, in this present moment, and everything we are and have in this present moment. Meditation creates a state of awareness, it creates a selfless love through mindfulness, it physically releases positive chemicals in our bodies, it gives us back the present moment and all the love the universe has to offer. So, the past is not an actual thing, it is a record of our time in this physical realm so far. The only thing which is solid and is a thing, is the present moment. The 'things' in this present moment are love, compassion and the gratitude for anything, everything, and anyone in our lives at and only in this exact present moment.

Thank you for reading and with love I hope it helps.

Love and light to each and every one of you.

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