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Happy New Year

As this wonderful planet we call home, makes its way around the fabulous sun, we mark it as one year into a new.

This wonderful planet continues its cycle forever being pulled by the sun in an endless rhythm of connection, an endless movement of love in this amazing universe.

As it moves, it creates the seasons, and the endless natural beautiful cycle of life follows, in an entwined dance of oneness, in a spectacular connection of everything from the largest parts of this universe to the tiniest biology we don't see.

A circle of trust, one holding up another, one giving life to another until the cycle of life begins again, just as the circle around the sun.

In this new and wonderful cycle, with all we've been through in the past years, we have a wonderfully fabulous opportunity, to know we as humans are actually an integral part of this system, a unique piece in this circle of life, this chance, this wonderful opportunity which is now bestowed upon us to not make a resolution but to carry forward this revolution of oneness, to hold others up, to give life, to create the happiness this beautiful earth, solar system, galaxy and universe shows us in being alive. In being grateful, in being love and in showing love.

We as humans have this amazing ability to think for ourselves, our biological makeup is immensely complex and this complexity works, it works in unison with each other and with nature itself. The earth is a part of us just as we are a part of it, we work in conjunction with each and every piece... We (the whole universe) are one and as one we make up a unique relationship with everyone and everything.

Let's utilise this time in moving forward taking responsibility for our own health and that of each other. Nature (which we are a part of) has everything we need, the universe (which we are a part of) has everything we need. It all supports us in our perfectly balanced cycle of life.

Be the love, shine the love, take responsibility and action in and for your own health, help others with no expectation of want, support others for no reason but supporting.

Love eachother, act in love for just one outcome. To love!

We have all come to this point by leading uniquely individual lives, fabulous different teachings and learnings alike. Creating a wonderful perfectly imperfect human being with amazing perceptions because our roads are unique. We have differing beliefs and attitudes because of this and no matter what another says or does, we are responsible for our own actions and indeed lack of actions.

Let's take this time moving forward with love, with understanding and acceptance in ourselves and ultimately in one and all. For it is the love from within which shines brightly to all beings.

Love for no reason but to love.

A huge happy new year to you all may you all be blessed with love, health and joy.

Much love and light to you. 💜🙏🤲

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Unknown member
Dec 31, 2021

Thank you James for sharing the love. A very Happy New Year to you and everyone on here to ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

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