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How to give and receive love?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


A couple of things a lot of you beautiful souls feel unaware of with this thing we call love.

Love is not a just a feeling, it is not just for family close friends and our partners.

Love at the Academy Of Presence

Love is an act! An act that is for everyone and from everyone. So, How do we give and receive love?

A selfless act of giving, giving in any form however small.

But, this giving is with no expectation at all of receiving anything back just because you have given, either at the moment of giving or in the future after the giving.

You may say in our modern world which has been taught to us in a bid of many ways in controlling our daily lives... ‘Why should I give, why should I go out of my way for someone, why would I, I have enough going on in my own life without giving to others’ and so on...

Well, the thing is about the act of giving with pure love is...

When we give with love and have no expectations of anything in return, we ironically then begin to receive love without any expectations.

Hmmmm you say really!?

Academy Of Presence shares its love to all

Yes, really! How and why is this so? How do we give and receive love, like this?

Because when you begin and continue to give with love, you internally actually start and continue to be that love yourself. Your brain begins to rewire itself and remove all the negative want habits which have been taught to you throughout your life, without you being aware of it.

As it start to rewire your brain and continue in this, your brain shows you more positives in your thoughts, you start to talk and act with love and with loving intentions, this automatically shines out to everyone around you and in everything you do.

You then attracting people around you who are showing this love because once we show and act with love, we move away from those who don’t. These people around you that then show the love as you do, give and act from and with love, and so do the people around them, because just as you became love and attracted similar people, so have they. You then create, create a life filled with love, filled with acts of giving through love and this spirals.

28 days of love Academy Of Presence

Your brain is rewired, it sends out signals, words and thoughts of positive love, your body follows suit and creates the actions required to move forward with love and receive with love and give with love, your life completely changes, you start to actually live in this moment, so anything from the past you accept with love, anything in the future you accept with love and know you can create the future with love.

This shines out to everyone in your life, your friends and family start to feel this love and act and react differently. Those you move away from actually move away from you and see and feel this love from you. They then create a new direction in their own life.

You end up with nothing but pure love, giving and receiving around you and because you give and receive with love, all wants are dissolved yet all these previous wants which have dissolved then actually come around to you as love. Why, because you now live in love and everything and everyone around you lives in love and as you give with love, you then receive with love.

This creates happiness in your life, it creates joy in your life, it creates positive thinking, it creates action on your part, action in moving forward with positivity, it helps you create and fulfil goals and so on...

All because you started an act of giving with love, and with not the slightest expectation of receiving anything back for your act!

If you would like to Live in Bliss with pure unconditional love, we have an awe inspiring course to do just that Just here... Living in Bliss

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