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My aim in teaching Reiki is to spread the energy, spread the love and spread the light, in doing so tap into mainstream therapy. The Scientific proof of this wonderful ancient practice, in that it works and helps heal, is in abundance and can be viewed on this here marvel of technology called the world wide web. It is being used more and more in alternative medical circles around the world and my courses give you the tools to enable you to integrate it.


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Love, Light and blessing to you

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of Holistic non-invasive therapy.

The word Reiki comes from Japan where Mikao Usui was from back in the 18th century. Mikao Usui re-introduced Reiki back into the world following his re-discovery of this ancient healing technique. Reiki meaning is ‘Rei’ Universe or universal and ‘Ki’ also known as ‘Chi’ ‘Prana’ and ‘Qi’ to name but a few means life force energy.


So, ‘Reiki’ is Universal life force energy. This is the energy which is channelled when healing or the giving of ‘Reiki’ healing. As a Reiki healer, you are not actually a healer though! Let me explain, you do not give Reiki in the sense of ‘I have healed someone’ As a Reiki healer you are a channel, a vessel for the Reiki to go through, the Reiki (Universal life force energy) literally uses you as a means to enable it to be received by the client, so, this means you, have to become the channel and in order to do this you will become the love and light within yourself, which is the start of your Reiki journey in level1.



I (James) am a Reiki Grand Master Teacher and although it is the highest taught form of Reiki, there is always more to learn, and I am forever a student to and of Reiki and this amazing universe.


The Reiki Lineage is said to be especially important in the teachings and practice of Reiki and the tracing of it back to Mikao Usui also. My own lineage is only 6 master from the teacher that is Mikao Usui (in direct Japanese form) and any of my students are only 7 master lineages.


Each Reiki Master or Grand master from the Usui lineage follow the teachings of Mikao Usui and so it is called Usui Reiki, however, almost all teachers and masters are tasked with not only keeping the Usui teachings but updating them also. Which means if the lineage cannot be traced from master to master there is a chance that Reiki being taught is nothing like the re-found original teachings brought back to us by Mikao Usui and as such may not be effective.


The traditional teachings of Reiki have been, Level 1, Level 2 (Practitioner) and level 3 (Master Teacher) Due to our ever-changing world and Reiki becoming more and more integrated within health services in countries around the world, there is now a need for not only certificated but also formally certified. This has allowed for more levels of Reiki and a deeper learning experience.


I have been guided with teaching the following levels.


  • Level 1 personal course

  • Level 2 Higher personal course

  • Level 2b Practitioner

  • Level 3 Master Healer

  • Level 4 Master Teacher (By invitation only)


Level 4, Master Teacher is obtainable, but this takes much time of on-going practice, with many years of practicing as a Reiki Master Healer, so equates to a lifelong process, yet many tests must be taken and passed along this wonderful road and enables you to teach, teachers.


So, in basic terms, Reiki level 1 is a personal level for you if, you are only wanting to carry out self-healing and healing on friends or family, this also goes for Level 2, but this is in more in-depth and is the path to becoming a practitioner. Level 2b is if you would like to offer your reiki healing in either a paid or voluntary capacity, this level is also the start of you requiring to carry out a certain number of self-assessments and a number of case studies. Level 3 the Masters Level, is many times deeper and gives you the required tools to teach level 1, level 2 and 2b practitioner.

I do also offer the Level 2 and 2b as a package for you. Please see below for details of the package and its discount.

PLEASE NOTE: I shall only take those I am guided in doing so on to the Master Teachers Level 4 qualification.

All courses are certificated and formerly so.


Reiki Level 1 Personal course

No, prerequisite for level 1 it can be learnt by anyone. And, if you are wishing to go onto further levels you must hold the level 1 certificate, (I cannot state enough that Reiki level 1 and Reiki Level 2 are for personal use. If you wish to practice Reiki in a paid or voluntary environment, you will need to carry out level 2b practitioner also)

Purely for personal growth and development, this first level of Reiki, the introduction is based around knowledge of what Reiki is, what it does and how it does it. It shall also guide you into being able to look at your own life and asses how you live and where improvements can be made. So it is all about you and your love... We cannot share our love and channel the healing until we can do so for ourselves.

You will also delve into the fantastic world of Atoms and their function in the universal energy as well as Chakras, the bodies energy centres, and their modern understanding of their colours, this intern will enable you to assess the understanding in, whether your chakras require balancing and how to achieve this.

You will also gain an understanding of what the attunement in reiki is, followed by your own level 1 attunement.

You can book your Reiki Level 1 online at the bottom of the page or click here to do so...


Reiki Level 2 Personal course

The prerequisite for level 2 is to have level 1 certificate (you will be required to supply a copy of level 1 certification, if not carried out by us) and to have completed no less than 21 days of self-healing (Using Reiki on yourself) from your level 1 attunement. (again, I cannot state enough that Reiki level 1 and Reiki Level 2 are for personal use. If you wish to practice Reiki in a paid or voluntary environment, you will need to carry out level 2b practitioner also)


You will be introduced to the first 2 Reiki symbols which will enhance your Reiki experience and the energy you will channel, and these will also go hand in hand with us exploring ‘energy’ medicine more deeply. You will also build on the wonderful things you learnt in level 1.

There will be the learning in basic detail of the physiology of the physical body and a further depth into the understanding of the proven modern science of Reiki and how it works and why it works. The history of Reiki and the lineage is an especially important part of your Reiki so you will learn more about this, and how this helps in the reiki experience and healing process.

You will also learn about personal growth through Reiki and the belief systems which enable this. This is when you will be introduced in to a number of differing techniques and also different meditation methods.

You will then receive your level 2 attunement followed by reflection and an introduction to ethical principles and good practice.

You can book Your Level 2 Course at the bottom of the page or by clicking here...


Reiki Level 2b Practitioner.

Prerequisite: To have obtained level 1, level 2 and completed the required time following level 2 attunement. (you will be required to supply a copy of level 1 and level 2 certification, if not carried out by me)

This level once complete will allow you to formally practice Reiki as the wonderful and powerful healing it is, in a formal voluntary or paid setting.

In this level, you will now receive a third powerful Reiki symbol which will allow you to not only feel more energy but to enable you to carry out distance healing. You will learn more about ‘Energy’ medicine, a slightly deeper understanding of the physiological and psychological reasoning for modern ailments. Ethical principles and good practice will be reiterated. You will also learn about the boring stuff… The law and legislation, including health and safety, basic polices and procedures in consulting and practicing, basic business skills and continued personal development. The latter elements are in accordance with legislation and good practice of Healing medicine.

You will also be required to carry out a number of case studies and healing sessions with written reports prior to being qualified and receiving your certificate. You can book here...


PLEASE NOTE: If you are or have already studied another therapy such as reflexology, massage, angel Reiki etc… It could be that you will have covered some or many areas in 2b and can count towards Approved prior learning (APL)

Likewise, if you have been practising other holistic therapies and have the proven knowledge through experience, whether paid or voluntary, this could also be considered Approved prior learning (APL).

You can book your Reiki Level 2b Practitioners course at the bottom of the page or by clicking here...


Reiki Master Healer

Level 1, Level 2, Level 2b practitioner…

This is the third Reiki level, and the prerequisite is to have completed ALL previous levels fully and the time is allowed after your level 2b attunement. (you will be required to supply a copy of level 1 and level 2 certification, if not carried out by me, you will also be required additionally to complete level 2b with me, if you have only received level 2 training from a different master, prior to starting the Reiki Master Course).


The Master Healer Level is specifically for those who wish to offer services with the in-depth training which comes with the title Master Healer. It is a full one to one course where you will be elevated to a wonderful level of energy, love and light.

You will be introduced to further symbols, specifically for master’s and for use in your higher love consciousness healing which comes with master.

The course is extremely in-depth and gives you all the tools required to practice advanced Reiki healing…

This is an amazingly beautiful level, which is yet another great leap up towards the higher love consciousness.

You can now carry out Reiki lev el 1 and Reiki Level 2 personal automatically online...


Don’t forget to join us for World Healing Day also.

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