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With much love I offer you this Fantastic course



The ALL in ONE for life, health, healing, goals, success, and sustainability.


All sessions are One to One! What do you get?


6 months Life Coaching

6 Months Spiritual Coaching

6 Months Business Coaching

6 Months Meditation classes

6 Months wellbeing coaching

6 Months Relationship coaching

6 Months Tai Chi Lessons or Yoga…

Plus, the choice of either 6 months Reiki Healing or Reiki level 1, Level 2 and, Practitioner Level courses.


INTENTION because it requires YOUR intention for a compelling future, YOUR intention to commit, not to me but to YOURSELF!


Your intention is what will create your change, I will guide you and show you the tools and techniques to move you and give you support throughout your amazing life change into your fantastic future.


Anyone can change, anyone can be the best they can be, anyone can realise their goals!


The problem is how, isn’t it?

This course will take you through your change, through to your compelling future, utilising proven methods, techniques, and tools, which have been established throughout time, psychology, physics, and experience. All of which show proof it works and that ANYONE can do it with the right teaching.


Do you know what…

I have done this many, many times for a huge array of people and I am so confident in my work that, should you follow all the teaching, guidance, and assignments I give you throughout the course and your life does not change for the better after the 6-months (it will actually change a lot sooner)… I will GUARANTEE you a full no quibble 100% refund.


I will not fluff it all up for you, it is hard work and takes dedication, to take this first step, after all, you will be creating, new fabulous and fantastic positive habits to propel you forward, and removing old stale habits that have kept you where you are…


‘We are what we believe we are, not what we believe we can do’.


Are you ready to create your fantastic future? 


As you can imagine, although time, our time is the most precious gift we can give others we all have our bills to pay. So down to the cost for you…


If you were to take up all the courses individually, yes, they would be OVER £2500 BUT do not dismay…


I have now been guided through spreading the love to reduce this to less than 1/4 the price as a course, and on top of that to make it even easier for you and easier to obtain your fantastic future, you can spread the cost over the full 6-month period.


So, over a six-month period of the course you can spread the cost on a monthly basis, with an initial payment of £100 and then followed by £100 per month for a further 5 more payment months… Not much for an investment in your amazing future, is it? Not to mention the immense amount of knowledge you will gain.


Throughout my time working with people from big business to housewives, I have found that there are a few elements required not only for a positive change but, for a SUSTAINABLE positive change.

This is the reason I compiled this course for you… It includes all the elements required for YOUR sustainable positive change rather than just a short-term change.


Are you really ready for your positive, happy, energised, exciting and amazing future you? START NOW!


The course not only includes full One to One sessions, classes, and lessons, but also complete workbooks for every part and every step of the way, in each discipline, so you can learn at your own pace or refer back to anything you want and full support via email, message service and even text and call.


All the course sessions, classes and lessons are also flexible, and we can book them all in advance, so you know exactly where you are. (No pre recorded videos for the classes, full personal one on one)


There is much we need to get through in order to create your fantastic future and I am only one man spreading the love so there are limited spaces, so don’t hang about, if you really want to change! book now!

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