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The Academy of Presence offers a unique Living in Bliss course featuring 8 immersive and transformational video teachings. It will provide a pathway of self-discovery, guiding you to understanding how to manifest bliss and release all forms of inner disturbance. Embark on a journey of inner enlightenment with the Academy of Presence and discover how to access true inner peace.


At the Academy of Presence, we believe that meditating for your health and wellbeing is vital for living a balanced and fulfilled life. Our mission is to provide quality guided meditation classes and resources to help our students find relaxation, mental clarity, and a deeper connection to their inner selves.

REIKI Master

Want to help others with energy healing?

Help yourself first with the beautiful Energies of Reiki.

This is not just learning Reiki, It is all about you, yes YOU! The start of the beautiful journey of becoming a Reiki Practitioner is all about your own 'healing' so it is a life changing experience in becoming pure love within.

LIFE Coach

At Academy Of Presence, we offer life coaching services that will revolutionize the way you live your life. Through our partnership, we will help to pave the streets as we walk together, offering invaluable guidance and support in order to bring about life-altering, transformative experiences.

Whether in business, personal or spiritual we will guide you into your new amazing, sustainable life.


Tai Chi, is an ancient form of marshal arts, but is soft and flowing, creating immense benefits without you even realising. Anyone, at any age can learn Tai Chi. From wanting to keep supple to medical aliments, Tai Chi can help. Tai Chi is carried out in almost a meditative state and anyone can learn.  Read more here...

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