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Reiki Level 1

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


Completely online video learning platform... Learn at your leisure... It is not just Reiki-It is life changing! Level 1 Universal Love Reiki -11 modules for you to watch at your own pace. -Complete PDF Level 1 handbook to download or view online. -Level 1 private group for support, advice and connections with like minded souls. -Certificate of completion Reiki is an ancient and beautiful energy based system of healing, re-introduced into our world in the late 1800's. We find teachings of it going back thousands of years. Now this modern updated beautiful teaching is more, much more... It is a life changing experience and will give balance and focus in your life, it will also show you love, pure universal love and how to live in it and with it every day from within. Reiki is not merely energy healing it is YOU healing, utilising traditional eastern methods integrated with modern day multi-scientific methods to achieve YOU! Yes it is all about YOU and changing your life into a wonderful balanced one of love in all areas, once you shine from within, you shine out to all beings. Level 1 is your introduction and the most profound life changer. Level 2 is a fabulous huge step up and leap forward in your life, where you can also become a Reiki Practitioner. Level 3 is the Master Healer level, This is where you become the most beautiful soul and where you can learn an amazing array of techniques to help others. Much love and light to you all.

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