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Become an Affiliate

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Become an Affiliate with us and start making money today! We offer a 20% commission on all products and services purchased through your affiliate link. Our affiliate program is free to join and easy to use and easy set-up process. You'll get access to promotional materials, tracking tools, and real-time reporting, making it easier to maximize your earnings. Sign up now and start earning commission on every sale you refer.

Sign up today and start earning!

Earn 20% commission on ALL products and services

Why affiliate with us?

At the Academy of Presence we are dedicated in illuminating and lighting the fuse of people becoming the best they can be, individually and for mankind, creating a beautiful harmonious world.

With our affiliate program you can help create a more joyful, harmonious world and you earn money whilst doing it. Be the first to get exclusive products and free giveaways of products and courses, and it costs nothing to become an affiliate with us.

AND a free mobile app on android and iOS to manage your links, earnings, payouts and with QR codes all ready if you choose to use them.

Sign up today and start earning!

Sign up NOW and start earning

How Does it all Work?

  • You sign up
  • You receive your own unique link
  • You share your link
  • People follow the link
  • Then anything they purchase you get 20% of

Yes, that is how simple it is for you to earn money

It is easy to sign up and you can also get a mobile app to make life even easier for you to earn

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