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The Change is Within Us

"For many years, many humans have looked upon 'awakening' into consciouness as a life decision.

We are now at a point where this choice has become a necessity. To be 'awake' is to live in the consciousness, where the state of presence is. We have, and most still are living in the UNconsiousness where our thoughts are in control of us. Within each of us is the presence, where we are in control of our own thoughts, it is where we find our truth of self-love and the collective consciosness, shining that love out to everything and everyone in the universe.

When enough humans are living in the consciousness, it shall bring healing and sanity to our world." JT Noor Academy Of Presence


If having an impaired mind is ego, awakening into the consciousness is wholeness. At the Academy Of Presence we aim to awaken as many into the consciousness as we are able, bringing about the end to suffering.

You can donate to the Academy. We work with partners and social groups and non-profits in helping to end suffering.


At the Academy of Presence we are dedicated in illuminating, lighting the fuse of the awakening into the consciousness of mankind, creating a beautiful harmonious world.

With guiding YOU into the consciousness and healing, you then automatically guide others.

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