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Academy Of Presence


Are you ready to raise your energy

and your life to new levels,

new levels of income, love, and joy,

simply by sharing your heart

growing your light, and just being?!

A personal welcome message

Hey there, beautiful soul! So blessed you were guided here. The past few years have been a wild ride of growth and excitement. I've been surrounded by awesome folks shedding layers, thriving, and making a big impact through self-improvement, coaching, or teaching with learning awesome exciting things from us like, energy work, meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Reiki, and much more.

They're peeling back layers, finding juicy bits. It's not just personal growth; it's a ripple effect, inspiring others and finding joy in their own lives. It's humbling to be a part of and to witness.

Thinking of diving into self-improvement or coaching? Get ready for an adventure to discover your best self, and you can inspire others to do the same too.

Ready to make positive changes? Let's do it!

Energy Magic

Manifesting Clients & Dreams

Ready for a game-changer?

Picture this: more clients, less work. Your income soaring while clients sing your praises! We're diving into creating your dream life – love, joy, prosperity galore!

Start by letting your heart shine, sharing your brilliance with the world.

The universe's cosmic cheerleader has your back. Are you ready?

The Online Course that Delivers YOUR Magnetism

Books Unveiling the Sacred Self A Journey of Spiritual Aawkening BUY NOW
Books by JT Noor Embracing the Power of Now A Guide to Living in the Present Moment BUY NOW

Transformational Books

Cosmic Consciousness book by JT Noor
The Zen Path book by JT Noor

Digital copies ONLY £5.55
Physical Copy £14.99 +P&P

Ask and YOU WILL Receive available now
The sacred path book by JT Noor

Love from clients

Andrea Grottick Art Paintings of distinction

Art is one of the many creative mediums given to us through our wonderful universe.

WE are proud to feature this beautiful and amazing artist for you. This is her latest collection 'Made From Stars'

FREE Video Resources

Free Video Resources and Teachings from JT Noor

It is within ourselves, in this present moment we find Joy, Peace, Love, Harmony and Consciousness

Embrace the life-changing teachings of JT Noor and the Academy

Transform your world with Guidance Straight to your inbox
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Spiritual Awakening

Are you going through your spiritual awakening or are you not sure what is going on?

See our 7 step guide to the awakening path

Meditating on the Beach, meditation for profound joy and love


What is it and how to carry it out?

Meditating has a profound affect on your whole life. It is simple to carry out and it has huge mental health, physical health and lifestyle benefits.

Read about the why and how


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Reiki Level 1 only £1 at academy of Presence

Reiki Level 1 online

Complete online Course from the Academy Of Presence

11 video modules, full downloadable handbook, attunement and certificate of completion, private group for support and advice. Learn at your own pace.

I want as many people as possibly to gain the help and knowledge that comes with Reiki so i am offering this complete online course for ONLY!

ONLY £33.33GBP

Transformational retreat online for immersive transformation

ONLINE Transformational Programme

Join me on Our most immersive programme ever, creating a sustainable metamorphic transformation in your life. In just 4 weeks!

Ancient proven tools & techniques, over 30 years of experience and modern scientific evidence of support

This intense programme has provided a 100% positive change in students who took part in it, with every single one of them turning their lives into their dreams and many going on to be teachers themselves, some of whom you'll meet throughout the journey.

You're Road Map To Success!

NEW course

Limiting beliefs free download

Download your FREE pdf/epub or audio report

Limiting Beliefs That Are Preventing YOU From Thriving
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